Bitcoin and the New Gambling Frontier

Bitcoin is a digital currency; and while digital currency as a concept has been around for several years, Bitcoin only received its renown and fame relatively recently, finally becoming a mainstream means of transacting across the internet in 2011. Today, Bitcoin is widely utilized by myriads of business across the globe, this including giant retailers like Dell and

Bitcoin as a currency differs greatly from traditional currencies like the Dollar and Pound Sterling because it is largely operates within a peer-to-peer market place, essentially doing away with the need for a central bank.

Bitcoin Gambling

One of the most essential elements of Online gambling is the payment process; whether one is dealing with credit or debit cards, using bank accounts or even wallets like Skrill and PayPal, even more important is the costly nature of processing payments with online gambling, with the withdrawal fees often consuming a larger percentage of one’s winnings than most customers are willing to accept.

Of course this is only in cases where online gambling casinos choose to pass the cost of processing payments onto the customer; most online casinos actually prefe to cover this fee on behalf of clients, which has been known to impact their profits in a noteworthy manner.


It is for this reason that Bitcoin gambling is gaining so much traction; for one thing there are no deposit and withdrawal charges when utilizing Bitcoin. More importantly, though, is the unregulated manner of the Bitcoin payment structure. Because Bitcoin is so decentralized, completely free from government scrutiny, online casinos and their clients have the space to utilize their money as they wish, without having to worry about federal interference in a manner that might lead to losses. This is especially true for people operating under the auspices of illegal online gambling casinos where many an individual discovered by the authorities have had their funds frozen.

Essentially, Bitcoin gambling allows players to have full and unadulterated control over their money, and that isn’t even taking into account the opportunity for anonymity involved; after all one need only provide an email address in order to transact with online casinos using Bitcoin.

It is worth keeping in mind however that Bitcoin, for all its renown, is a relatively young currency, so much so that the number of Bitcoin-only gambling sites is almost negligible in comparison to those utilizing traditional currencies.

Those few Bitcoin-only gambling sites are further losing clients to traditional online casinos that have converted to Bitcoin, making available traditional payment formats as well as the Bitcoin option.

News From The World Of Medicine


Healthy man has many desires, and a sick man has only one – to be healthy again. Prevent the bad things from happening or at least diminish the chances b staying tuned to the latest news from the medical professionals we bring you from all around the world. Stay tuned and learn some valuable facts that may help you in future.

Swine Flu – there are many talks about this particular disease lately, and we feel that you should know more about it. Swine flu is a influenza virus induced disease found in pigs that has the same or similar effects to pigs as the regular flu has on humans. It effects the respiratory tract and manifests with all the famous flu symptoms. What makes it stand out is that, lately, swine flu and human flu that went cross-species is having wider and bigger impact than ever, spreading and mutating into a more aggressive disease. We have all heard of the previous outbreaks of H1N1 and H3N2v swine flu viruses that filled the news covers all over the world causing a lot of panic. It is important to know that swine flu can be transmitted by inhalation or ingestion of the virus only, and that well cooked meat poses no threat to your health.

Health-Services-LargeListeriosis – this is a dangerous disease that is transferred by the Listeria bacteria that can enter and replicate inside the cells of our bodies. In most cases, it is symptom free and in rare cases when symptoms appear they include: muscle ache, nausea and in extreme cases meningitis or even death. The disease attacks all, but most people’s immune system will fight it off, meaning that individuals with weaker immunity are the ones in danger. Danger of Listeriosis lies in the chances of outbreak since it can be triggered by bad food or drinks. Good news is that it can be treated with simple antibiotics, so there is no reason to worry, just take care.

Migraine – tho many people will tell you they have migraine any time they have a strong head ache, the real deal is actually quite different. Severe pain and strong headache are the signature for the migraine, but there is more to it, since migraine is no regular headache. People suffer from migraine chronically – meaning that once you start having it, it will recur again and again. Migraine can manifest as a light, sound or even smell intolerance, and it is known that migraine sufferers often lay in a dark room in hopes of making the headache go away. There are no easy ways of dealing with migraine and the best thing you can do is to learn to live with it. Getting to know what psychological conditions are met when the migraine occurs is a step in right directions. It might be necessary to change some of your life habits in order to evade attacks or at least make tham as rare as possible, but it is doable.